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Hi and welcome to our website documenting Joseph Taylor's development and progression in the world of UK Bambino Karting.

The website is intended as a method for friends, family and other interested parties to follow Joseph's track days by providing updates, videos and photographs.

Who is Joseph Taylor?

Joseph, who has just turned 6, has always had a fascination in cars. He could reel off the make and model of his toy cars before he could even count.

Joseph has been fortunate in having the opportunity to follow this early fascination and first sat in a kart at the age of 4. Since then, he has improved with every outing.

This is what Delta Sport veteran kart racer Alan McLean had to say about Jospeh:

"He is a quiet and polite boy in the paddock but as soon as his helmet is on he reveals his talent, desire and a true commitment to his racing... Anyone who believes a 5 year old cannot be a competitive driver should spend a race day with Joseph!"



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  • Fullbeck 21/08/10
  • Fullbeck 17/04/10
  • Bambino Karting 04/04/10
  • Learning to Ride in the Wet

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